Serving selected top brands within
specialized cargo logistics.


Our services include global marketing assistance and related procurement,
administrative functions and consulting.

Membership Directories of the networks give direct access to contact details.

Exclusive country or area members! Locate partners for your projects: WWPC - Priority Cargo Network!

Worldwide Project Consortium

Global network for project cargo freight forwarders

WWPC members provide a full range of project planning and forwarding support services for all kinds of large and difficult cargo, by land, sea and air, anywhere in the world. Only the most experienced experts in project forwarding with a proven track record are admitted to the WWPC.


WWPC offers country/area exclusive membership.

Priority Cargo Network

Global network for general freight forwarders and transport experts

Priority Cargo Network members offer a high level of services and focus on excellence in serving the logistics industry. Members are connected to a global network of likeminded, service oriented quality freight forwarders and transport experts. In addition to membership meetings, the annual conferences offer a platform for member-to-member networking functions and social events.


Priority Cargo Network offers membership for upto three qualified companies per country.

Heavy Cargo News

Newswire and magazine for the heavy cargo industry


Heavy Cargo News features achievements of the members of Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC and Priority Cargo Network. Heavy Cargo News site is updated daily and the online magazine is produced periodically throughout the year and also made available for global distribution at international trade fairs in printed format.


May 2022

Membership conference

20th Annual WWPC Membership Conference

May 10-14, 2022
Hotel Le Meridien, Vienna, Austria

» WWPC Conference highlights 2022

Next conference: September 2023, Toronto, Canada

May 2022

Membership conference

9th Priority Cargo Network Conference

May 16, 2022
Hilton, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

» Priority Cargo Network Conference highlights 2022

Next conference: 5.6.2023 Rotterdam, the Netherlands

May 2022

Network Dinner

1st Quality Cargo Networks Dinner

May 16, 2022
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Next Pre-Breakbulk event for the members of Worldwide Project Consortium and Priority Cargo Network: 5.6.2023, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

May 2022

Trade show

Breakbulk Europe 2022

May 17-19, 2022
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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